Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Making Funding Work In Machester, Session 1

For my first post on this blog I have included some pictures from the first of our pilot sessions for 'Making Funding Work' at Castlefield Gallery in Manchester on the 23rd February 2012. A massive thank you to all there at the gallery for hosting the day facilitated by myself and organised by A-N. 

There were some great ideas that came out of the session and i'm looking forward to doing the next two pilot sessions in London and the South somewhere (still tbc). I will be back soon with more about this!

It has been a strange week as Ed Whiting and myself have let go of the reigns and handed over WeDidThis to People Fund It. We are very excited about he future of WeDidThis and will continue to be involved and on the steering committee as it sets off on it's next exciting stages without us at the helm. However, with these big changes come new opportunities for us both. 

I am to continue to run consultancy sessions around the UK, with particular emphasis on building audiences and sustainable relationships and networks. My sessions include exploring the empowerment of arts practitioners, the role of their audience and the benefits beyond purely financial ones of running crowdfunding campaigns. We look at how to create and pitch a project and alternative ways of running campaigns and communicating ideas. 

This blog intends to be a faithful documentation of the things we learn, the sessions I run and the feedback and knowledge that comes out of these discussions with artists, communities, audiences and creative organisations.

I will be back soon with my next blog post and updates on how things are getting on...

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